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Training in Odissi involves learning the fundamental principles of Odissi dance, including its distinctive body warm-up system and signature torso, eye, and neck movements. From hand mudras, rhythmic foot work, body postures and dance moves to abhinaya aspects, Odissi dance takes shape as a gradual progression.


At Nrityantar, an able faculty ensures that students experience all aspects of the dance and then layering them together into a complete and intricate whole. With scientifically designed training by qualified instructors under the guidance of Madhulita Mohapatra, Nrityantar inspires excellence in all its students. Rated as one of the finest Odissi dance institutions in the world, it has shaped & nurtured many fine & promising artistes in the short span of seven years. Students are educated both in theoretical & practical aspects grooming them as complete artistes. It is the testimony of the quality training, that many of its students are now known all over as sought-after soloists & part of its highly acclaimed Nrityantar Dance Ensemble. The academy has affiliation to major art bodies of the government, quality standard certifiers and the students are trained on all encompassing curriculum of internationally recongised courses, certifications, degrees & diplomas. Nriytantar also encourages & supports its students in applying for scholarships, artistes grading auditions, stage performances and numerous other opportunities to facilitate students in their art pursuit.

 With an aim to to provide finest Odissi dance training and making it available to all, Nrityantar runs Odissi dance classes at multiple locations in the city of Bengaluru.

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