Nrityantar Academy of Performng Arts, a unit of Pratyusha Public Charitable Trust is a non-profit organisation registered under Charitable Trust Act. Initiated in the year 2009, Nrityantar is committed, focused and actively engaged in its endeavours to promote and preserve India’s rich pluralistic cultural legacy by teaching & popularising art, music and dance, nurturing fine talents, and helping aspiring artistes for a better living by training and support.


As the name suggests, it was formed on the philosophy of hope and optimism, and our strong belief on proud culture, rich traditions and our traditional art forms. It strongly believes in the great powers and benefits of Indian classical arts, in spiritual, curative, developmental and emotional growth and wellbeing. These art forms, like our classical dances are useful tools to affect positive changes in the society. The trust carries and emphasizes these values in all its social and developmental endeavours.


Nrityantar, since its inception, has undertaken innumerous activities with great vigour, enthusiasm and spirit. It considers educating and sensitizing people, on our rich cultural legacy and its traditional art forms, as the most important step towards its noble objectives. It organizes regular and special dance classes for children as well as elders. It holds free regular classes for under-privileged children belonging to economically weaker sections and many government schools. The idea is to discover and nurture great talents who in spite of having a lot of potential and passion, do not get ample opportunities and resources.


Nrityantar has been working with many schools in the city with the idea of including classical dance as an integral part of the curriculum and routine schooling. Something the children enjoy so much amidst the monotonous school activities, and alongwith it, they get to learn great dance forms and a bit of our very rich and proud culture. It does make them more confident and interactive. Dance instills in them discipline, a sense of togetherness and teamwork, willingness for hardwork and focus for achieving goals. These values do help a child grow as an individual and contribute well to growth of the society and a better world.


Nrityantar continues to expand its art promotion endeavours, by reaching out to more government schools and holding Odissi dance classes in their premises. It also intends to hold more workshops, lectures, seminars and public displays of the dance form to instill a sense of social responsibility in people towards preserving art and our rich cultural heritage.

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