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The senior section of the Nrityantar Odissi Dance Ensemble consists of experienced dancers with between 5-15 years in professional dancing. Combined, these dancers have performed all over India and overseas and have several accolades to their credit. Under the direction of Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra, the ensemble hopes to reach greater and greater heights in the years to come.


Anjali Raj Urs

Meghna Das

Paridhi Joshi

Sonali Mohanty

Sahana R. Maiya

Vivekini Das

Ashwasana Biswal

Sigmashatabdi Pradhan

Banashree Mohapatra

Reshmi Divakaran

Swati Prasad

Kohal Das

Akila Venkat

Bhargavi G.


A passionate and multi-faceted dancer, Anjali Raj Urs has had intensive training under Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra at Nrityantar, Bangalore. Anjali has to her credit the Nritya Bhushan Odissi dance certification from the Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh University and a Diploma in Choreography from the Natya Institute of Kathak and Choreography. She is currently the Assistant Director of the Nrityantar Academy of Performing Arts, Bangalore, where she is also a faculty member and a performer with the performing ensemble. 

She has performed at renowned festivals across India including the Natyanjali Festival in Thanjavur, the International Odissi festival, Orissa, Tirupati Devasthanam, Vishwabharati Festival in Mumbai, Ninasam and many more. 

Anjali has also been trained in folk dances, contemporary dance and bell dance. She is a gifted anchor, having hosted several prestigious dance festivals. She has also acted in short films and documentaries and lent her voice to production scripts and voiceovers. 

A committed artiste, Anjali always says: "In dance, I found myself".



Meghna Das' lifelong passion for classical dance began when she started formal training in Odissi at the age of 5 in Singapore, under her mother Smt. Sahana Das. In Bangalore, Meghna joined the Nrityagram city classes, and trained under their able and generous guidance, absorbing the form and polish of the Nrityagram school of Odissi.

Meghna joined the Nrityantar Academy of Performing Arts in 2011 and has trained under Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra since. As a part of Nrityantar, Meghna has performed in several highly acclaimed recitals in and out of Bangalore, including the Mahari and Mukhteshwar Festivals.


A graded Doordarshan artiste, she has performed all over India and overseas in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, the US, Colombia and Italy and has attracted enthusiastic appreciation from diverse audiences. She has, to her credit, three independent productions - Anamika, Samam and Neelachal.


Currently pursuing a PhD in Performing Arts under the Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology and TDU, Meghna is also the recipient of the national Chinta-O-Chetana Baishaki Award for her accomplishments as a young dancer. Critically acclaimed for her technical finesse and grace, Meghna's fluidity, grace and adherence to the purity of the Odissi dance style has made her stand out as a significant Odissi dancer today.



Paridhi Joshi started her journey as a classical dancer at the age of 13 years under the able tutelage of Padma Bhushan Guru Smt. Saroja Vaidyanathan at Ganesa Natyalaya, New Delhi. She has trained in the Thanjavur style of Bharatanatyam for over 10 years and presented her Arangetram in 2005 at the age of 19 years in New Delhi.


However  it was the lyrical beauty of Odissi dance that attracted her towards it and inspired her to join the Nrityantar Academy of Performing Arts.


Thus she came to start her training in Odissi under Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra. It is her innate dancing ability, sincerity & her passion for Odissi dance, that has pushed her to be counted amongst the most promising young artistes of the form. She ranked in the top ten dancers at the talent search held at the esteemed Odissi International 2015 in Bhubaneswar.


Paridhi performs regularly as a soloist and as part of the Nrityantar Dance Ensemble and has performed at several prestigious events across the country like Amravathi Nrityotsav, Ranna Vaibhava, Ananya Samarpana, Kalpashree Nruthya Vaibhava, Kalabharathi National Dance Music Festival, Idagunji Rashtriya Natyothsava, Odissi International, Tarang Utsav, IIDF and Aarambh among many others.



Sonali Mohanty is a trained, promising Odissi dancer and is currently training under the able guidance of Guru Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra in her institution Nrityantar Academy of Performing Arts, Bangalore.


Sonali began dancing at the tender age of 7 years. Her early years of training started in the National Music Association (NMA), Cuttack under the able guidance of Guru. Bharat Charan Giri.


Later, she joined Gunjan Dance Academy (GDA), Cuttack and pursued her Odissi training under the tutelage of Guru Smt. MeeraDas.Sonali has performed avidly, both as a solo artiste and as a core member of the Nrityantar Ensemble - one of the most sought after classical dance troupes in Karnataka



Smt. Sahana R. Maiya started her dance career at the age of 4 in 

Bharathnatyam under Vidwan Keshav Kumarfrom Shimoga, and later at the renowned institution of Kalakshiti, under the guidence of Professor

M. R. Krishnamurthy in Bengaluru for about 20 years. During those 20 yrs she performed across India, in Delhi, Diu, Rajasthan, Chennai and many places in Karnataka. She has won the title of "Malenadina Mayuri" from Yuvakara Sangha, Anandpura, Shimoga in the year 1999 and 

“Prathibha Puraskara” from Rotary Club, Shimoga.

However, it was the lyrical beauty of Odissi dance that attracted her towards it and she initially started learning Odissi with Guru Uday kumar shetty and later She continued learning dance form at Bengaluru’s leading Odissi dance institution, Nrityantarunder the able guidance of well-known Odissi dancer & choreographer, Smt. Guru Madhulita Mohapatra. It is her innate dancing ability, sincerity & her passion for Odissi dance, that today she is counted among the promising young artistes of the form and she performs regularly as a soloist and as part of the acclaimed Nrityantar Dance Ensembleand has performed at several prestigious dance festivals across the country. 

She also trains the students of the Nrityantar academy in one of its branches at Banashankari, Bengaluru. 



Vivekini Das is a trained young promising Odissi dancer and is currently training under the able guidance of Guru Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra in her institutionNrityantar Academy of Performing Arts, Bangalore.

Vivekini ranked in the top ten dancers in the junior section of the talent search held at the esteemed Odissi International at Bhubaneswar. She was initiated into Odissi dancer by Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra at 

Nrityantar. She regularly performs solo and as a part of the acclaimed 

Nrityantar Dance Ensemble and has performed at several prestigious dance festivals in India, like rangTARANG National Choreography Festival, Mysore Dussera Festival, Hubbali Habba, KALA NADAM, Kinkini Nrithyotsava, Nrityanjali, Kannda Chintane, NAMAN, Mukula Yugala Bahula, Naadaneerajanam, Odissi International, Purandarotsava, 

Bengaluru Dasara Habba, Tharang Utsav and Rasa Sanje, among others.



Ashwashana is an Odissi Dancer from Bangalore and has completed her Nrutya Visharad from Pracheen Kala Kendra Chandigarh. She is learning Odissi at the Nrityantar Academy for Performing Arts under the able guidance of Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra currently, and is a part of the Nrityantar dance ensemble. She went through a meticulous training in Odissi under Smt.Madhulita Mohapatra and had the privilege to perform Odissi in various dance festivals among others.

She has performed as a solo artist in Odissi International 2014, in Bhubaneswar and was recognized as one of the Top Ten Talent Awardees in the Senior Group.

Some of the prestigious festivals where she has performed:

  - Gopalpur Beach Festival in 2002

  - Nrityantara cultural festival in Bangalore - 2013

  - Sravana Sandhya 2013 in Rajbhavan Bangalore in 2013

  - Ugadi Festival organized by Doordarshan Bangalore in 2014

  - Kalabharti National Dance and Music Fest 2014 in Thrissur

  - BCKA Festival 2015 in Bangalore

  - Ranna Vaibhava cultural festival in Mudhol-2015

  - Odissi International Festival 2014 and 2015 in Bhubaneswar

  - Idagunji Rashtriya Natyothsava 7 2016 in Idagunji



Sigma Satabdhi has been Studying and performing Odissi under the guidance and tutelage of Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra, at the Nrityantar Academy for Performing Arts in Bangalore. Simultaneously she has also trained in multitude of dance forms like Jazz and Western Contemporary dance styles from Swingers Dance Company based in Bangalore.


Sigma moved to Chicago in August 2014, to pursue her Masters in Management Information Systems from the University of Illinois. While she was there, she was selected to be a part of the UIC Dancing Flames, University’s official and also a nationally ranked dance team. As a part of UIC Dancing Flames, she had the opportunity to compete in the NBA dance championship 2015, which was held in Daytona Beach, Florida. She continued to practice Odissi remotely with the help of Nrityantar’s training and had the opportunity to perform for the ISKCON, Chicago for the occasion of the Jagannath Rath Yatra festival held in downtown Chicago. She also performed for the Durga Puja organized by the Bengalis in Chicago (BIC) and other similar events.



Banashree began dancing at the tender age of 3 years. Her early years of training started under Smt. Kalpana Thamba at Nalco Nagar Orissa. Then she joined Nrutya Sangeeta Vidhyalaya under Smt. Anita Singhdeo and later moved to Bhubaneswar to pursue further her Odissi training under the tutelage of Guru Manoranjan Pradhan till 2007.


She has done her Masters in Odissi in 2006. After that she went for her master education from IMT, Ghaziabad. Post masters, she was associated with a reputed MNC firm “Carrefour, Gurgaon” for 5 years. Post her marriage in 2011, she is currently settled in Bangalore. During this tenure, she was ably waiting for an opportunity to restart her Odissi dance career. That’s the moment she was introduced to Smt.Madhulita Mohapatra at Nrityantar, Bangalore. 


It is her innate dancing ability, sincerity & her passion for Odissi dance, that she is able to comeback with her Odissi form quickly even restating after a decade. Today, she is actively involved with Nrityantar academy under the guidance of Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra and participated with the Nrityantar Dance Ensemble in various programmes Sambhrama Karnataka Rajyostava, Nrityanjali,Nrityotsava, Nruthaya Rangoli, Saptabhangi Festival, SOMA dance Festival among others.



Smt. Reshmi Dinakaran started her dance career at the early age of 5 years in Odissi danceunder the guidance of GuruBijay Kumar Das(senior teacher of Odissi dance Academy), who is known for his perfection in chauka and bhangi postures, in Guru Kelu charan Mohapatra’sstyle from a well reputed institute Chinamyee classics, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa for 10 years. During those 10 years she has performed both folk (sambalpuri) and Odissi dance items at many places in Orissa.

After moving to Bangalore, she continued learning dance from a Bengaluru’s leading Odissi dance institution, Nrityantar academy of performing artsunder the able guidance of well-known Odissi dancer & choreographer, Smt. Guru Madhulita Mohapatra. She has been regularly performing as a part of the acclaimed Nrityantar Dance Ensemble and has performed at several prestigious dance festivals.



Swati Prasad began her journey with dance at the age of 7. She was introduced into the heritage of Indian Classical Dance through Bharathanatyam under Guru Smt. Bhanumati. Later she was exposed to the western world of Ballet for 3 years under Sonali Dsouza and Yana Lewis and performed with them as a child artist. While in college she trained in Contemporary dance and Kalaripayattu.


She found her true calling with Odissi at the age of 18. She got her initial training under Guru Uday Kumar Shetty for 2 years which were her formative years. With the intension to completely immerse herself in a dance environment, she joined the Mahagami Gurukul under the tutelage of Guru Parwati Dutta. She has undergone a multidisciplinary traning at the gurukul with a foundation in Hindustani music, light design, writing, helping in hosting and curating events and also admin work. She has performed with Mahagami Ensemble at few prestigious events in Mumbai and Delhi. With a strong foundation as dancer with diverse experience she moved back to Bangalore and joined Nrityantar.


Under the guidance of Guru Smt. Madhulitha Mohaptara she has realized her potential as a performer and is currently a member of the acclaimed Nrityantar ensemble. She has extensively travelled with the troupe and has gained recognition as a promising face of Odissi. She also performs as a soloist and manages one of the branches of Nrityantar in Banashakari.

Swati is a dedicated yoga practioner and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Movement Arts and Mixed Media at Attakalari.



Kohal Das is a PhD in cancer biochemistry by profession. Though science brought him to Bengaluru, the city fulfilled his twin desires to pursue dance and cancer research.

Having begun his Odissi training from a popular dancer Smt. Rina Jana in Kolkata, revived his Odissi training under Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra at Nrityantar, Bengaluru. As a part of Nrityantar Kohal has performed in many festivals including Rasasvada 2016, Natarajotsava 2017, Articulate Festival 2017, Articulate Festival, 2017 (Organized by Shri. Mysore Nagaraj)Kerala Kalamandalam Festival, 2017, Nrityakalakshetra Festival, 2017, IIDF, Hyderabd, 2017, Naman, 2017, Odissi Utsav, Bangalore, 2017, etc.

Apart from Odissi Kohal has learnt Bharathanatyam under Shri Parshwanth Upadhye and Smt. Shruti Upadhye after he came to Bengaluru. As a part of Upadhye School of Dance, he has performed in prestigious events like Perur Natyanjali (at Pateeshwarar Temple), 2016; Sharadotsav, Bengaluru, 2016, etc. He also completed his Bharathanatya Rangapravesha in Feb 2017. Kohal believes in creativity and innovation which is central to science and dance. Further, he wants to pursue a scientific career which could accommodate his passion (dance) enabling him to contribute to the Indian Heritage.



Bhargavi G is an odissi dancer from Bangalore. She started her odissi dance journey under Guru Shri Uday Kumar Shetty at the age of 9 and was trained for few years.

Today, she is a student of Nrityantar academy of performing arts and is training under the guidance of Guru Smt Madhulitha Mohapatra. She has been actively taking part as a member of Nrityantar ensemble performing in various prestigious programs.

She has trained in the field of Bharatanatyam for 10 years and is a senior artist in Karnataka folk dance called yakshagana. She is the recipient of centre for cultural resources and training (CCRT) senior grade scholarship in odissi dance. She has taken part in various College cultural solo events in classical dance category and has won many prizes. She has been awarded the Young Achiever Award from the Rotary Club Bangalore in the field of odissi dance.

A few of the festivals she has had the opportunity to perform are:

Kuvempu pratistana -2009
Tunga Mohatsav - 2010
Odissi international festival -2014 Bangalore odissi utsav - 2017 Sapthabhangi national dance festival -2017


Akila has been trained in bharatanatyam and Carnatic music since the young age of 3. She always had a flair for classical art forms. She was drawn to Odissi for its poetic nature which made her joined Nrityantar Academy of Performing Arts and train under Smt.Madhulita Mohapatra.


She performs regularly as a part of the acclaimed Nrityantar Dance Ensemble. She has performed at the prestigious Odissi International festival 2016, Bhuvaneshwar and at Bengaluru Odissi Utsav 2017 as a soloist and as a part of the ensemble. IN 2017, she was a part of a dance production called 'Neelachal' directed by Odissi danseuse Meghna Das, which explored the unique style of Guru Mayadhar Raut. 

A passionate dancer, Akila is also a talented photographer and designer, and a trained architect.

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